We are place of healing centered on compassionate and complete patient care.

Our counselors offer faith-based and non-faith-based counseling services. Each of our Counselors specialize in different areas. Please visit our counselors page to find one who can meet your needs. 

Our Counselors


individual counseling

 We offer a full spectrum of counseling services targeted to meet the needs of individuals regardless of age.

In addition to traditional counseling,  we have providers who offer music and play therapy for younger audiences.

Couples counseling

From pre-marital counseling, to working through struggles as a couple, our counselors are here to help you and your significant other work through any challenge.  


Group Counseling

Our team offers a wide range of group therapy sessions including adolescent group sessions, where young adults can connect and build up strengths together,  and Family counseling sessions. 

Our practice is founded on the principle that each person is a child of God and is deserving of compassionate care.


We understand that all individuals need help facing struggles at times, and our goal is for this process to be as easy as possible for our patients. Each of our providers have been hand-selected to create a comprehensive center for healing.

Meet our Counselors